Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to keep your friendship alive.

We totally forgot about this blog till we were reminded lately. Gosh, the last post was almost a year ago! chei! we apologize. How have you all been doing? hope life has not been wicked to any one o! fire burn them. Anyways without much further babbles. Caramel and I are going to each write one way to keep your friendship happy and alive, no matter what. Sit back and learn some helpful tips. :)

1) STAY IN TOUCH: yes we all know life can get pretty overwhelming and demanding to the point were you 'forget' about people almost. If you just send a message or a 1-minute phone call a day, life would be happy. It is good to stay involved in your friends life no matter what. You should know every little detail. :) -Caramel.

2) IGNORE PETTY STUFF: we tend to have this ego that no matter what someone does to us, be it little or big, we want to put up this front. It is totally unnecessary. Ignore little things and fix them the times you can. common! it's not even that deep if you look a bit deeper into the situation. -Chocolate.

3) HAVE MY BACK ALWAYS: never let me down please, I hate disappointments with my whole heart. If i'm down, I should trust you to raise me up. If i want to cry, extend your shoulder to me. If i need advice or encouragement, don't be frugal with words. Let me know that I am not that I am not walking this earth alone. -Caramel.

4) CORRECT ME: I am not perfect, sometimes I do stupid things. Other times I say the wrong things. Most times I look tacky and I may even piss you off. Please correct me but do it with love. Never be silent when you see wrong being done. Voice your opinion when necessary. No~ do not mum the person, just push in a little word. With Love and mutual understanding. -Chocolate.

We cannot think of any more....if you know any other ways, pls comments are welcome. With Love. :)

Chocolate and Caramel have dropped some love. Hope we do this often. :)

have a good week ahead and boost that energizer in your friendships. call up old friends and see how they are doing. Sometimes a call goes a long way. Do your part.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blame it on the summer......

Hello my fellow bloggies, i have been AWOL for a longgggggg hot minute and no i did not forget you guys i've just had alot to do. I am really lazy i have confessed but hey it's summer and it is officially time to let my hair down and breathe. I do not want to care about anything or use my brain at all....cuz am chilling! So my summer has been chill basically, winning some, losing some but that's the way the ball bounces i guess so i have no objections to that. I am goin on a cruise with my family sometime in about 2 weeks *Big grinnnnnnnnnnn* I can't wait.

PS: Chocolate has been a vegetarian for a long time now (A vegetarian that does not eat vegetables for thta matter....Talk about confusion)and it is beginning to concern me. I have tried every trick possible for her to eat meat but Nothing works, no meat, chicken or according to her she "doesn't eat anything with a face".

So I have been alone for a while now as my boo is on summer vacation in Naija....**sooobbbbbbb. We speak everyday and i trust that he is being a good guy but he needs to come back, i officially miss him (even though i would not let him know how much) lol. I have not been shopping lately i can not believe it, I decided to de-clutter my stuff cuz i noticed when things are evrywhere I feel congested and it makes my life cluttered as i can't think or anything so yeah i am taking out stuff i have not used in about 2 years/things i forgot i had...It's going to be painful but i will let them go.

I am sooooooo ready to go back to naija in december. I've been suffering from U.K overload. I also learnt about love languages lately....hehe, Yes call me stale and what not am sure some of you are still in the dark, google Love Languages and see what yours is,(Find out why some relationships have been lacking, you probably were not communicating well)....I found out mine is Quality time and physical touch. Sorry i am having a real bad random post today.

So tell me why i got home one day after a long exhausting time out and was soo hungry, i walked into the kitchen of my flat (i have about 4 flatmates i know nothing about) there were plates and pots and cups all littered in the sink and i CAN'T stand dirt at all! Don't get me wrong ofcourse i could easily wash them but the fact that this is something i have been talking about, the funny part is the pot i was ready to use, i found it in the bin with food stains on it. I just went back out of the house to avoid unnecessary chaos.

In addition to my randomness, here are a few random facts:
~Butterlfies taste with their feet.

~Most elephants weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale.

~Rats are incapable of puking.

~The human eye blinks an average of 4,200,000 times a year.

~A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.

K enough of the random tales. Have a great week guys.

Check this awt....and leave a comment!

Friday, July 24, 2009

He Said 'I Love You'....What does that mean?

What does love mean? I've heard the word so many times that it is beginning to lose its flavor. Everyone is saying they are in love, the ones that have a huge sign on their head saying 'I can't wait to get in your pants!' the ones that want to dig and wound the guys wallet and vice versa and the ones that are looking for a club buddy on friday nights have all becomes acquainted to the term LOVE unfortunately. Growing up, i was taught love is sacred and it's a wonderful feeling once you get in. i use to admire the newly wedded couples on the thanksgiving sunday after their wedding on saturdays. I could not wait to finally be in their position. n this day of technology and the likes, please, i do not think i want to hear the word love for a minute. is it just me or the word has lost its meaning? You walk on the street and some nitwit that has never set eyes on you calls you out saying they love you....Right!

As a child, i was taught the 1 cor. 13 definition of love and till today, i unfortunately weigh everyone according to that scale of:

1) Love is patient...Is love really patient today? You say something to your spouse and the next thing they want to flip out and tear your face up. He says he loves you and wants to sleep with you to prove it. If it's really love why not wait till you put a rock or even a pebble on her finger first?

2) Love is kind...You are sitting with the person you 'love' and he calls some other girl on the phone to hook up while you are there. He does not even respect you to wait til you go or to even merely pretend you are a diamond in the little time you spend together.

3) Love does not envy...Ladies you sit and wish upon a star every other day on how you wish you had that ladies kinda this or that so your man would give you more attention or how you wish your relationship would just be like theirs, why not plan on fixing yours in the time you use to imagine and hope for what would not come?

4) Love does not boast...Hmmmmmmm, bobo comes to see you jejely in your house but he needs you to come out and see that his new car jus got scratched by a little nail you would not even notice if you were not shown. Or you just have to be aware that his father is so so and so in government.Why shouldnt he sit and plan on making a difference or building up some form of future for himself?

5) Love is not rude...Some relationships i see now, i pity the girls. Why would they not kukuma come out of it now before they finally marry? that is if they will ever.The boy has already given them warning not to come out of the room once his friends are in the house....shooooooo! Them sef like Iyawo (new wife) will not come out. Hmmmm let me know what will cause that!

6) Love is not self-seeking...It is all about Me, Myself and I, what happened to given up the I's for Us?

7) Love is not easily angered...This is even too much, you do not need to do too much strong head, when the girl gives you that 'eye' that will send you to your early grave you will just arrange yourself. Lwkm . Some guys just wait for you to press THAT button so that they will tell you your life history and garnish it with a few slaps here and there.

8) Love keeps no records of wrong...Ladies please stop lamenting on how mr X did this and that to you while you have a present Prince Charming, there is a reason why he is now an X. Guys, Yes! babe messed up friday night in the month of January 2006 c'mon now, build a brigde and get over it already.

9) Love does not rejoice in evil but delights in the truth...They say the truth is bitter, the lie you will tell will be deadly once the truth is revealed. If you love her how you claim to then make her your one and only now. Honesty and trust should be the foundation of every relationship i believe.

10) Love always protects, hopes and trusts...Protecting is not the same thing as being in the girls air bubble. She wants to go out but she needs to take permission, you will fear daddy stunts now. Love trusts, a guy is in a club but wifey is at home, she has endless peace until she knows oga is finally in his house, ALONE! I know in todays world there are so many things and issues to keep you on the look out but c'mon, i feel it you really trust, even if he is in a hotel room with another girl, you should have a little assurance that nothing is going down. That is trust.

11) Love Never fails. Love always has a way of proving itself, you may split but there is still that little spot in your heart that can not be tampered with for the person. Love is divine, it is a peaceful 'God' feeling.

KK so i am done with that. The reason for this post is abou this guy that has basterdized the term LOVE. We had a little something i think a while ago and i was getting too uncomfortable, and once i am uncomfortable, i time you to adjust, if time expires and you are not on your way to brightness, I give you the red card, there is no time to waste any longer.

So we split months ago and this dude will not free a sister till tomorrow, my problem is that he is sharing me with drinks....YES! i am possessive like that, he wants me abi? so therefore he will be mine and mine alone. We were talking one day on the fone and unconsciously he said 'Babe i will call you back later i need to concentrate on my drinks!' like FORREEAALL???? i just cut the fone and txt him saying 'do not bother calling please!'(I have major issues with a drinker or smoker) i never want to be in the position of hearing 'baby i was high and that is when it happened' no oo! nothing should happen because I can't shout.

Apart from his drinking stuff i recently learnt he has a smoking side aswell....KAI! the two things i jus cannot stand. I mean, i can stand a little drinks here and there but when in becomes an addiction, your time will begin to tick.His liver has started getting infected from too many drinks but he will not learn.

He has toooooooooooooooooooooo many girls on his case, and that is the problem with all these fine boys. Flirting and such.

He says he loves me almost everyday, and i always reply "You do not love me yet, when you do i will know" Love is sacrifice, if he cannot go easy on the drinks, girls and his other issues or atleast pretend when i am in the area then do not think this missy will look you direction anytime soon. Thank God for facebook to day i saw his status talking about the next drink on his mind and as usual about 5 girls had commented. Hiss!

I am also OFF distant relationships. I can't mess like that for a minute.

Randomly on one of them days when he proffesed his 'love' for me i asked what love just for comedy effects and he said...I don't know b but what i feel is not normal. I'm like I'm sure it's not.(sarcastically)

I know i am not perfect and so i should not think there are any perfect earthlings around but i sure can get a non smoker/drinker or atleast find someone who will honestly love me and me alone. So my heart is currently locked and don't think it will be open anytime soon. People i see nowadays are not looking for love. Why do we love those that ignore us and ignore them who actually love us? Ironical i must say.

PS: I heard a very i don't know what to call it story some days ago in a conversation with a friend. That a guy has been dating his girlfriend for 4 years and the girl has had 5 abortions (innocent kids that did not beg to come into this sinful world) the guy still has the ANIMALISTIC heart to beat up the girl when he gets angry, but the bf has never cheated on the girl in these four years,(i don't believe) because they are in LOVE!? please what kinda of violent love is this? my brain has not been able to process it at all o! 4 years, 5 abortions and physical batter? Please coin another term as that is not love. Anyone that raises his hand over a woman is NOT a man!

KK so i am done babbling!

bloggatedly yours,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We fall Down, But we get UP!

So a brief update on my last post "Shattered but Hopefully not broken". (Excuse my manners, hope you all had a wonderful sunday and kept it saved and sanctified.) I was SO sleepy in church today i hardly heard anything in church but the fact i was there was satisfied my conscience but on the reels i did not hear one thing the Pastor said I only can tell You the topic was ......'When the river flows', i don't know how or why or when the rivers flows, i tried to stay alert but i jus could not. :D, that was by the way.

I have never been so scared in my life like this passed weeks i must confess, saying prayers all day long, (or as soon as i get reminded that someones life is at stake), i have drained my brain from all the Bible verses i know, i became a real preacher on the reels. I have never seen this person i have always known to be full of life and love and ambition grow so bitter,suicidal (i won't lie I was always checking my fone to make sure no one had text me to say ....'and she lived a good life....') full of hate and anger and you could tell how present the devil was in her life. Her heart has been on alot of hell-kissed activity for the longest time now.The devil is a liar, Can i get an "Amen?"

I really cannot explain why it is soo hard for me to write this, i am short of soo many words but my heart is full of what I want to blog about. She is right now trying to get back on her feet after such a life-draining experience....I wish i was paid enough to take her on a 'Ladies Spa Week' because i would have still been on the ground and not anywhere close to thinking about getting up.Bittersweet if you ask me but mainly bitter, every disappointment is a blessing, i have really come to realise what that means. I thought all hope was lost in her situation and i did not like what was happening because a little push sends me straight to the ground, this was a BLOW but to God that never gives us anything we cannot handle she survived and is BACK on her feet.

I have come to realise, going through hell and high waters makes you grow up whether you are ready or not. It brings out a part of you that you are scared of discovering, a part of you that you never want to know exists. I once use to be the 'older sister' well not biologically but reverse is the case right now. I have a new respect for her I can't even lie because i will just be a hater. But honestly apart from making you wiser and stronger why can't we learn or understand life from good experiences? Why must it knock you down before you understand? is it because of Eve? and Adam? are they the full cause of our misfortunes?.....

She use to say 'Pray for me to die pls!' 'I don't want to live anymore' 'God hates me' 'I am useless' such bitterness flowed from her lips. I never want to be a part of any unhappy moments LOL well not like it's possible but i would choose the smiley days to the teary days. Mehn my lips are always moving, either am making sense or am just babbling but when i needed my 'radio' it was not responding lol, i was soo short of words it wasn't even funny. It is soooo relieving to know "Stella got her groove back" (she isn't Stella Oh!) life has never been worth living for her like now, as a matter of fact today she txt me saying all that went down was probably just God dat planned for it. Ofcourse he did, sometimes God lets us go down so that we can remember he exists, you know it's like a wake up call.

You want to live a life that is hassle-free? maybe the next life because at one point in life, we ALL must have a conversation with the devil. She is happy, strong, still on her journey of finding herself in better light though but my tension has been reduced. We all fall down but what determines how successful you become is if you rise up. Never give the devil that happiness he looks or searches for in your life, let him know that he is too little and he is marely wasting his tyme on you as you do not entertain such rubbish.

PS: To who this is about, If you are reading this post, Know that I love you so much and you have done me proud, You are a phenomenal woman and you will soar on great heights that the world will stop and stare in awe. Your best is yet to come, worst is over. yesterday is history, tommorrow is a mystery and today is reality. Make great use of it and run your race. You have taught me to be responsible and bold. To stand for what i believe in and never let the world or anything mess with what I know as truth. I also learnt, I am my own competition. I love you sweetz! Weldone. Heaven smiles at you believe me.

************End of That************

This is totally random but why do ladies feel it's okay to be hit by men?

Is it right for you to be your man's 'Only' while you are waiting in line in his own queue?

Why are men afraid of commitment? Prison-like i hear but isn't it prison for ladies?

It is a thing of shame to be a virgin in todays world, Why?

Men want to marry virgins but they disvirgin ladies before they say 'I do.'

Why is there so much jealousy or envy? It's kind of a competition now, someone gets something, the next day the neighbour is going shopping for hers...

People no longer cut their coats according to their sizes...oversize is now on-board.

Young kids are now adults, doing big things....Literally!

okay i think this randomness is getting out of hand, these are just few things that run through my summer jobless mind. BTW, this week I am taking a trip to DC/New York for a lil 'me-time'. So i may not blog for a minute. Have a wonderful week ahead and don't forget, you're never fully dressed without a smile. And never feel you have to even out differences yourself, take the mature route and let it slide, watch how many people you will suprise by not getting mad over a lil somthn somn.

NB: Speaking of anger, i just found out I have a verrryyyy annoying roommate for the fall semster, like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr i want to kick rocks!!! I am sooooo going to Housing office tommorrow!!! KMTTTTTTT!

Bloggatedly Yours....


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shattered but hopefully not Broken!

She got a very heart-breaking message, a message that changed all of her life. It was one of those messages that you ask the messengers 'are you sure you were told to deliver at this address?' it was all she wished for herself but at the same time it was not what she actually was ready for, you know when you think you want something but when it's time to recieve you just want to change your mind but you find out it's TOO LATE!. She sits down today asking.....God why?
where did i go wrong? what next? where do i go from here?. She can't remeber what a smile looks like. Depression knows her by name, bitterness walks around the park with her hand-in-hand daily, confusion resides in the warmth of her heart, guilt sends a bouquet of flowers to her every morning unfailingly.

I sit down every minute of the day asking questions that almighty google has no answers whatsoever to. I find solace when i sleep without those midnight interuptions that wake me up the minute i happen to fall asleep after alot of conversations between myself and my heart. I try to laugh during the day in order to maintain a little sanity. I ask myself what words i should say to her? what does she want to hear? why did this happen? does she deserve it? Why does God always pick the best rose in the garden? What is the right thing to do? Alot of conflicts go through my head. It is one thing to prepare for a journey and another thing to actually embark on this journey. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!! am i even making any sense? Madness has slowly started creeping into my heart, please bear with me!

Crying tears....tears of pain, guilt, pressure, confusion, insecurities amongst many others. I want to help, i want to be there, i want to be a source of happiness. I hate all of this. Like an ocean without it's waves, so is she without laughter. Everyone around is choosing selfishness over selflessness.
Everyone is airing their views that do nothing but pile up more complications.
Like broken pieces of fine china, her life has been scattered into fragments of fear, indecisivness and confusion. She is scared of life. She took the boldest steps ever that till next year i still lie to myself i would have done. She came face-to-face with the devil himself, she is not armed to fight this war, don't get me wrong but she chose to run her race and stand out, even if it meant she stood alone. I was impressed!

She needs to hear words of affirmation, words of encouragement, words that will restore the strength she deposited in her fight with Hell. She needs to know after the rain, the sun will shine. God did not bring her this far to let her go, she questions God, nature is no respecter of persons. I need to get myself together. What happened to LOVE? where did she go? does she not know that she is needed right now? So i was looking for a solution and stubbled upon this poem.:

After the Storm

The storms may come And limbs may break
Yet others bend Beneath the weight--
Of heavy rain And windy breeze...
A storm can mark The strongest trees.

Life sometimes deals With us this way;
In unseen trials We meet each day.
It's not how much our bodies break
Or how much they may bend;
It's our outlook in our own life
That helps our spirits mend.

~Hilen Letiro.

I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY love her (no homo) just pure divine love. If she is not happy, best believe i do not have a smile on my face either. She needs to learn to Love again. Life is trying to frustrate her but she needs to look beyond it all and choose to be strong and happy. At the end of every tunnel, there is light abi? I need to make her stand infront of a mirror daily and confess:







She has hit rock bottom and is at her lowest state in life, i don't think she will ever face anything with so much gravity as this and i am willing to stand at the finish line and cheer her because she has done well. In life, we all fall at a point, what determines victory is if we rise and YES she is going to rise. Darkness never lasts forever, though some nights seem like morning has forgotten its place.

My heart is heavy but i am strong. Defeat respects me because i will conquer it.
All this will pass.
If you are going through anything, have the assurance that it would not last too long
She wishes for death to come and end this misfortune but is that the answer?
She is scared of being strong, of waking up to happiness someday.

~~~~~~~~~~I will end this post by dropping a few encouragement quotes!

Fall seven times, stand up eight. ~Japanese Proverb

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much. ~Mother Teresa

The difficulties of life are intended to make us better, not bitter. ~Author Unknown

"Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can."
~ Unknown

Am out people...i pray you have a happy filled week!...xxxxx

Bloggatedly Yours,

Chocolate. <3

Thursday, June 18, 2009

NeVer say The 'F' Word!!!.....EVER!!!!

...mmmmm He had the brightest smile ever, He walked like he controlled the world with every footstep, I would forever remeber that trail of fragrance he dropped as he walked by, lets talk about the Magical African Swagg....this brother was fully endowed! Those lips that whispered breath-taking NOTHINGS! Magnificent.....Mr.I-would-be-there-Always! Just when i began to inhale him into my system.....I got infected. I invited him into my heart but he came with a couple of friends, (Lying & Cheating)


I was the trusting to a fault girlfriend, believe me i trusted in every sense of the word. As worn-out as the phrase is about the kind of people that if they told you good morning, open ur curtains and look outside for yourself just to be sure. He believed he was the best thing that heaven dropped to earth after micro-waves! He dwelt on the opinion that the world revolved around him. Very controlling i must say, the kind of Beast that if you were engaged in any kind of argument and for some reason you were at fault, he would open his mouth to tell you "Shut-up" and you had dared not to open your mouth for the sanity of yourself. At the very same time he had a sweeeetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt tongue...asin if this boy was to convince you on something, you will zero out anything anybody wants to tell you and believe JUST his own story!

What happened to me? where did i fall off track? i used to be the kind of girl people classified as 'heartless' but if only they knew what i was facing, but i STILL DIDN'T LET GO! .... my self esteem used to be at its peak and i took no rubbish from any one prior to this great mistake in my life (did i just say mistake?....nope, it was a great learning experience for me and i loved every bit....AFTER I HOPPED OUT) lol. People used to ask me what was wrong with me? was i blinded or was it Jazz (Ju-Ju). I got alot of threatning calls from mysterious girls all along saying...'if by tomorrow i hear you are still dating ******* i will kill you' SHUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! na me b dis? but as usual, his name always sounded so good because it was always in someones mouth, he always lied about girls being on his case like he was the only male creature on the face of the earth. I still held on...U go fear Juliet fighting for Romeo now!

I will live to remember a day i was asked by a good friend of mine if i was still dating this guy, and in my happiest state of mind that day, ofcourse i told her yes PROUDLY without even thinking about it, to my disappointment, she told me she had a conversation with him and he told her we broke up! (Chimmmoooooo) I really was a stupid and crazy somebody, even me sef when i sit down n think of that phase of my life i ask whether my brain was on strike. Who was he to deny me? I am Pricele$$, no girl on the surface of this earth that crosses his path will have my patience. I am not swearing o, it's just that Karma..........hmmmmmmmm....u know now! He was so sweet i must admit, maybe that's what obstructed my view of reality and left me sinking in an ocean of 'Love'.

He was going through so much in his life, so i permited some of his rubbish.I had this drive in me that i would be different from other girls he dated and i will Stand Out no matter what happend.I felt it was my responsibility to be there for him and offer a hand of friendship when life ran him over couple of times. It crushed my when he messed up but i got back on my feet and moved on. I will never forget the day when we were chatting around 2am one faithful day, me being generally open and laughing and having no secrets to reveal because he knew everything there was to know about me, when he went quiet for a while....ahn ahn! i thought to myself what happened to this chatter-box that never knew how to turn down his volume?....he went all of a sudden quiet! then he said he needed to tell me something.

Him: Baby!.....Please don't get angry withh me!

Me: Wasap?

Him: I have been keeping this in my mind for soo mong but it's hunting me down because i know how honest you are to me.

Me: Okay, stop speaking parables to me and lay the matter on the table right now!

Him: Baby I am soo sorry, please forgive me, i did not mean to.....I know you will get angry but please don't be angry baby!
(HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM....don't baby me oo...i Know what's comin)

Me: Can you please tok to me? its 2.30am and my eyes are getting shut!

Him: I............................had sex with her.

Me: hehehehheh......with WHO??
( I had warned him about some girl that was getting too close for comfort a while ago and as usual he said she was all up in his space and he was tryna resist her)

Him: *******

Me: (Boiling soooo hard, an egg would have been cooked in 5secs)...Goodnyt

(Signout of MSN)

He gave me the dumb excuse that he was drunk and the POOR GIRL climbed on him.

I lay soo cold in my bed that night:Questions.....
where did i go wrong?
was i over bearing?
was he taking advantage of me?
could it be a problem he had?...always wanting to sleep around.
should i break-up?
should i stay?
was this part of the plan?

I was warning him but he did not listen to me WHAT HAPPENED TO FOREVER??? So many things ran through my mind that night, i slept after a while. I did not speak to him for a few days for him to remember i had feelings aswell and i was not a door mat that u come and clean your legs on when u wanna waka outsyde. It was pain -FUll but i swallowed it after a while and took him back after a while. I thought to myself, This MUST be love. He was the happiest person (or so i thought) when i took him back...Only God knows the number i was on his queue of ladies...Bless my heart...sob** I was at a point where i could not even talk to my best friend because she already classified me as Stupid....100% ode sef! I did not listen to any one, i ran my relationship MY WAY! until ofcourse i hit rock-borrom! and trust me i hit it HARD! We made plans of out imaginable future together, how many kids, you being in your music/acting whatever industry while the runway was my playground....OOOOO dem days!....when you will send me love songs and i will sing them till my voice got all crusty! u use to call me your model!

But to God be The Glory!(Yuuulllzzzz, some naija film effects) You are not fooling me ANYMORE! asin kaiii! me sef i wonder what happend to me because like a veil was taken away from my eyes. I cant imagine how many people that tried talking to me felt when they were trying to wake me up(bless their hearts)special shout-out to *I dono how to insert links yet* but to i am sure if i was within reach, she would have slapped and knocked and shouved alot of sense into me. (U are much appreciated) What i honestly weep for right now is the poor girl you are with ....the same one you cheated on me with...she is hurt on a daily basis but she does not know the way out, because you LIE! but someday, she will see the light and RUN into it!. I learnt so much after that experience, it was a bitter-sweet time. And being the kind of person i am, i do not like to be warned though i will take note of what you say, i still like to take chances and see for myself, afterall your judgements may be wrong! in this case they were right but ofcourse i learnt my way!. But for now, my heart is on break till Jan,1 2010. :) So after that experience i never wanna hear the 'F' word for a longggggggggggggggggggggggggg minute! All prospective lovers, please coin out a new term as i would not be entertained with the 'F' word!

I am outtttt!!! P.S: Pray for my dear Caramel, she has shoppinlitis and there are no drugs that are working for her! Bloggatedly Yours! Chocolate!...xxxxxxxx (I tried to elongate my post today..)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Confession of a teenage ShoPahoLic!!!

ok ok ok....i am FINALLY admitting to this: I AM A MAD ASS SHOPAHOLIC!!!
There! i said it!!!! ok no,no for real its bad, and it gets worse everyday!

I am obsessed with spending money and shopping. I don't know how to stop. I have been this way for a long tym nowwww. Every credit card I have is maxed out, and yesterday i spent **** (u dont wanna know!). Btw i only went in 2 the shop with the intention to buy a scarf and i ended up lavishing my 'ego!' Going to the mall or even to super markets o, imagine! it's very hard for me, not when I get there but because I think of going all the time. My friends practically drag me out of shops, it's quite embarassing though but they can't stand it too. My cousin tries to keep track of how i spend, she calls me everyday to ask what i bought, and DUH i LIE!!
When I am at school, I think of going to buy things. When I am at home, I think of things i need(basically things i want :)....) and things i know i dont need and I must go and get them.

I don't know how to stop, and I don't know why I am like this. I have 147 pairs of pants. That is only a tiny amount compared to the number of tops i have bought recently :-S...not like i even need them all...i have so many in my wardrobe i can't even remember ever buying! kmt.. so many shoes i cnt even wear and i dont even remember why i bought them in the 1st place!i've tried hiding my card but it dnt work (stupid i no) what the hell can i do anyway??, its in me!!! Wen i know all i have to do is swipe my card..hehehe.. ok on the real, i NEED to stop! Please, if you have any advice for me, or anyone does, I really need help. I have never heard of anything like this, but I know my wanting to shop like this can't be normal.

I hide things I buy but it has gotten to the point that I can't anymore. I have also lied about where the items I buy come from or how much they were to my boyfriend and my bestfriend (im sowi chocol8! i cudnt afford to tell you the truth!). Can you imagine my boyfriend says he is gonna collect my card and give me money weekly (yh ryte lyk dats possible, he even spends more than i do). My boyfriend searched my room yesterday and i got caught..hehehe, it was funny!... Mehn nufin seems to be working for me ryte now o...

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P.S: id rili do with suggestions and advice pls!