Friday, July 24, 2009

He Said 'I Love You'....What does that mean?

What does love mean? I've heard the word so many times that it is beginning to lose its flavor. Everyone is saying they are in love, the ones that have a huge sign on their head saying 'I can't wait to get in your pants!' the ones that want to dig and wound the guys wallet and vice versa and the ones that are looking for a club buddy on friday nights have all becomes acquainted to the term LOVE unfortunately. Growing up, i was taught love is sacred and it's a wonderful feeling once you get in. i use to admire the newly wedded couples on the thanksgiving sunday after their wedding on saturdays. I could not wait to finally be in their position. n this day of technology and the likes, please, i do not think i want to hear the word love for a minute. is it just me or the word has lost its meaning? You walk on the street and some nitwit that has never set eyes on you calls you out saying they love you....Right!

As a child, i was taught the 1 cor. 13 definition of love and till today, i unfortunately weigh everyone according to that scale of:

1) Love is patient...Is love really patient today? You say something to your spouse and the next thing they want to flip out and tear your face up. He says he loves you and wants to sleep with you to prove it. If it's really love why not wait till you put a rock or even a pebble on her finger first?

2) Love is kind...You are sitting with the person you 'love' and he calls some other girl on the phone to hook up while you are there. He does not even respect you to wait til you go or to even merely pretend you are a diamond in the little time you spend together.

3) Love does not envy...Ladies you sit and wish upon a star every other day on how you wish you had that ladies kinda this or that so your man would give you more attention or how you wish your relationship would just be like theirs, why not plan on fixing yours in the time you use to imagine and hope for what would not come?

4) Love does not boast...Hmmmmmmm, bobo comes to see you jejely in your house but he needs you to come out and see that his new car jus got scratched by a little nail you would not even notice if you were not shown. Or you just have to be aware that his father is so so and so in government.Why shouldnt he sit and plan on making a difference or building up some form of future for himself?

5) Love is not rude...Some relationships i see now, i pity the girls. Why would they not kukuma come out of it now before they finally marry? that is if they will ever.The boy has already given them warning not to come out of the room once his friends are in the house....shooooooo! Them sef like Iyawo (new wife) will not come out. Hmmmm let me know what will cause that!

6) Love is not self-seeking...It is all about Me, Myself and I, what happened to given up the I's for Us?

7) Love is not easily angered...This is even too much, you do not need to do too much strong head, when the girl gives you that 'eye' that will send you to your early grave you will just arrange yourself. Lwkm . Some guys just wait for you to press THAT button so that they will tell you your life history and garnish it with a few slaps here and there.

8) Love keeps no records of wrong...Ladies please stop lamenting on how mr X did this and that to you while you have a present Prince Charming, there is a reason why he is now an X. Guys, Yes! babe messed up friday night in the month of January 2006 c'mon now, build a brigde and get over it already.

9) Love does not rejoice in evil but delights in the truth...They say the truth is bitter, the lie you will tell will be deadly once the truth is revealed. If you love her how you claim to then make her your one and only now. Honesty and trust should be the foundation of every relationship i believe.

10) Love always protects, hopes and trusts...Protecting is not the same thing as being in the girls air bubble. She wants to go out but she needs to take permission, you will fear daddy stunts now. Love trusts, a guy is in a club but wifey is at home, she has endless peace until she knows oga is finally in his house, ALONE! I know in todays world there are so many things and issues to keep you on the look out but c'mon, i feel it you really trust, even if he is in a hotel room with another girl, you should have a little assurance that nothing is going down. That is trust.

11) Love Never fails. Love always has a way of proving itself, you may split but there is still that little spot in your heart that can not be tampered with for the person. Love is divine, it is a peaceful 'God' feeling.

KK so i am done with that. The reason for this post is abou this guy that has basterdized the term LOVE. We had a little something i think a while ago and i was getting too uncomfortable, and once i am uncomfortable, i time you to adjust, if time expires and you are not on your way to brightness, I give you the red card, there is no time to waste any longer.

So we split months ago and this dude will not free a sister till tomorrow, my problem is that he is sharing me with drinks....YES! i am possessive like that, he wants me abi? so therefore he will be mine and mine alone. We were talking one day on the fone and unconsciously he said 'Babe i will call you back later i need to concentrate on my drinks!' like FORREEAALL???? i just cut the fone and txt him saying 'do not bother calling please!'(I have major issues with a drinker or smoker) i never want to be in the position of hearing 'baby i was high and that is when it happened' no oo! nothing should happen because I can't shout.

Apart from his drinking stuff i recently learnt he has a smoking side aswell....KAI! the two things i jus cannot stand. I mean, i can stand a little drinks here and there but when in becomes an addiction, your time will begin to tick.His liver has started getting infected from too many drinks but he will not learn.

He has toooooooooooooooooooooo many girls on his case, and that is the problem with all these fine boys. Flirting and such.

He says he loves me almost everyday, and i always reply "You do not love me yet, when you do i will know" Love is sacrifice, if he cannot go easy on the drinks, girls and his other issues or atleast pretend when i am in the area then do not think this missy will look you direction anytime soon. Thank God for facebook to day i saw his status talking about the next drink on his mind and as usual about 5 girls had commented. Hiss!

I am also OFF distant relationships. I can't mess like that for a minute.

Randomly on one of them days when he proffesed his 'love' for me i asked what love just for comedy effects and he said...I don't know b but what i feel is not normal. I'm like I'm sure it's not.(sarcastically)

I know i am not perfect and so i should not think there are any perfect earthlings around but i sure can get a non smoker/drinker or atleast find someone who will honestly love me and me alone. So my heart is currently locked and don't think it will be open anytime soon. People i see nowadays are not looking for love. Why do we love those that ignore us and ignore them who actually love us? Ironical i must say.

PS: I heard a very i don't know what to call it story some days ago in a conversation with a friend. That a guy has been dating his girlfriend for 4 years and the girl has had 5 abortions (innocent kids that did not beg to come into this sinful world) the guy still has the ANIMALISTIC heart to beat up the girl when he gets angry, but the bf has never cheated on the girl in these four years,(i don't believe) because they are in LOVE!? please what kinda of violent love is this? my brain has not been able to process it at all o! 4 years, 5 abortions and physical batter? Please coin another term as that is not love. Anyone that raises his hand over a woman is NOT a man!

KK so i am done babbling!

bloggatedly yours,


  1. I was soooo expecting this to be a rant..

  2. If he truly loved you.. you'd be the most important piece of his being when he's with you or on the phone to you..

    Bar none..

    So making you hang up so he can take a swig of his drink is a bit... odd.

  3. lol...i liked how u really analyzed all these things..loved it.

    and d guy that beats the girl is a big fool and abortion kee?biko cheat on me and dont ask me to commit abortion and dont hit me.

    i dont like long distant relationships too.

  4. RocNaija: That was exactly my point, It really isnt love hence the topic.....

    Leggy: Thanx. I know oo, i was like let me know what will make even think tok more or raising their hands, hmmm and the abortion thing....mehn the girl is strong o! No type of love will make me do that!

  5. I dont like LDRs but I am in one... :( and right now its at its toughest....*sigh

    omo...I dont know which word is more over flogged these days , whether swagger or loe *hisss

    Mehn swagger is untouchable! It is on another level, even cab men and pure water gals know the word! LOL
    AWWW:...Hope u work things out asap~Wenever life is telling u u Can't, think of reasons y You Can!

  7. i really love this post about love, its an eye opener

  8. Thanx alot, hope it sent a message home! :)

  9. You'll only find the perfect love of 1 Cor 13 in one man, the Lord Jesus! Work on it and show it yourself so far as you can.

  10. @David: ofcourse i know that true love is found in Him alone that's why i said i make sure the person has atleast a majority of the atributes. I'm working on it myself, i can't want something and not be it! thanx 4 stopping by

  11. lol, i had to laugh at that 'even cab men and pure water girls' hahaha. yes love is over used but the beauty of it is that it is easier for u to notice the genuine 'i love u' well, atleast for me it is!

  12. 1.)I'm just a curious somebody, caramel has not blogged in a LONG while because?

    2.)This Mr Man sounds too familiar. LOL!

    3.) Long distance is WACK!

  13. @ neema Divine: I am soo serious cab men know the word! I promise, but u are soo right on noticing the genuine 'i love you'. That's the silent one we never lie about lol.

    @ iamshhh: Dat girl is sooo lazzyyy i'm gonna throw her off blogsville, did i forget to say she is a bigggggggggggggg procrastinator?LOL but il make sure i force her to blog. Hmmm curiosity kills the cat sha!LOL....No he shdnt sound familiar....this is another one of those people. It's def not who ur thinkng looool. I agree LDR's r the ITCH!!! lol

  14. 1. Considering that this is a post about LOVE, like everything that has to do with Women, continues to confound us!
    2. Ur Blog takes quite a while to load!Err. Thank heavens for my Company, My Bandwith and all the company improving research i'm always doing...on blogs.
    3.The Pink layout's still getting me in trouble! It think my Boss knows.


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