Sunday, July 12, 2009

We fall Down, But we get UP!

So a brief update on my last post "Shattered but Hopefully not broken". (Excuse my manners, hope you all had a wonderful sunday and kept it saved and sanctified.) I was SO sleepy in church today i hardly heard anything in church but the fact i was there was satisfied my conscience but on the reels i did not hear one thing the Pastor said I only can tell You the topic was ......'When the river flows', i don't know how or why or when the rivers flows, i tried to stay alert but i jus could not. :D, that was by the way.

I have never been so scared in my life like this passed weeks i must confess, saying prayers all day long, (or as soon as i get reminded that someones life is at stake), i have drained my brain from all the Bible verses i know, i became a real preacher on the reels. I have never seen this person i have always known to be full of life and love and ambition grow so bitter,suicidal (i won't lie I was always checking my fone to make sure no one had text me to say ....'and she lived a good life....') full of hate and anger and you could tell how present the devil was in her life. Her heart has been on alot of hell-kissed activity for the longest time now.The devil is a liar, Can i get an "Amen?"

I really cannot explain why it is soo hard for me to write this, i am short of soo many words but my heart is full of what I want to blog about. She is right now trying to get back on her feet after such a life-draining experience....I wish i was paid enough to take her on a 'Ladies Spa Week' because i would have still been on the ground and not anywhere close to thinking about getting up.Bittersweet if you ask me but mainly bitter, every disappointment is a blessing, i have really come to realise what that means. I thought all hope was lost in her situation and i did not like what was happening because a little push sends me straight to the ground, this was a BLOW but to God that never gives us anything we cannot handle she survived and is BACK on her feet.

I have come to realise, going through hell and high waters makes you grow up whether you are ready or not. It brings out a part of you that you are scared of discovering, a part of you that you never want to know exists. I once use to be the 'older sister' well not biologically but reverse is the case right now. I have a new respect for her I can't even lie because i will just be a hater. But honestly apart from making you wiser and stronger why can't we learn or understand life from good experiences? Why must it knock you down before you understand? is it because of Eve? and Adam? are they the full cause of our misfortunes?.....

She use to say 'Pray for me to die pls!' 'I don't want to live anymore' 'God hates me' 'I am useless' such bitterness flowed from her lips. I never want to be a part of any unhappy moments LOL well not like it's possible but i would choose the smiley days to the teary days. Mehn my lips are always moving, either am making sense or am just babbling but when i needed my 'radio' it was not responding lol, i was soo short of words it wasn't even funny. It is soooo relieving to know "Stella got her groove back" (she isn't Stella Oh!) life has never been worth living for her like now, as a matter of fact today she txt me saying all that went down was probably just God dat planned for it. Ofcourse he did, sometimes God lets us go down so that we can remember he exists, you know it's like a wake up call.

You want to live a life that is hassle-free? maybe the next life because at one point in life, we ALL must have a conversation with the devil. She is happy, strong, still on her journey of finding herself in better light though but my tension has been reduced. We all fall down but what determines how successful you become is if you rise up. Never give the devil that happiness he looks or searches for in your life, let him know that he is too little and he is marely wasting his tyme on you as you do not entertain such rubbish.

PS: To who this is about, If you are reading this post, Know that I love you so much and you have done me proud, You are a phenomenal woman and you will soar on great heights that the world will stop and stare in awe. Your best is yet to come, worst is over. yesterday is history, tommorrow is a mystery and today is reality. Make great use of it and run your race. You have taught me to be responsible and bold. To stand for what i believe in and never let the world or anything mess with what I know as truth. I also learnt, I am my own competition. I love you sweetz! Weldone. Heaven smiles at you believe me.

************End of That************

This is totally random but why do ladies feel it's okay to be hit by men?

Is it right for you to be your man's 'Only' while you are waiting in line in his own queue?

Why are men afraid of commitment? Prison-like i hear but isn't it prison for ladies?

It is a thing of shame to be a virgin in todays world, Why?

Men want to marry virgins but they disvirgin ladies before they say 'I do.'

Why is there so much jealousy or envy? It's kind of a competition now, someone gets something, the next day the neighbour is going shopping for hers...

People no longer cut their coats according to their sizes...oversize is now on-board.

Young kids are now adults, doing big things....Literally!

okay i think this randomness is getting out of hand, these are just few things that run through my summer jobless mind. BTW, this week I am taking a trip to DC/New York for a lil 'me-time'. So i may not blog for a minute. Have a wonderful week ahead and don't forget, you're never fully dressed without a smile. And never feel you have to even out differences yourself, take the mature route and let it slide, watch how many people you will suprise by not getting mad over a lil somthn somn.

NB: Speaking of anger, i just found out I have a verrryyyy annoying roommate for the fall semster, like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr i want to kick rocks!!! I am sooooo going to Housing office tommorrow!!! KMTTTTTTT!

Bloggatedly Yours....



  1. lol...chee yah for ur friend sha...hope she gets better quickly...lve ur posters and hiting a woman?thats just wrong.

  2. i know ooo!!! she is kinda back on her feet kinda. really is rong but i wonder why people suffer it and feel its not dat deep!

  3. "Young kids are now adults, doing big things....Literally!"

    couldn't agree more!

    very interesting questions & observations!

  4. its good you were there for her..and that sh is back on her feet.
    Its not wrong to be a virgin, men have serious double standards.
    P.s Love all the tiny quotes you drop in the blog..

  5. Iamshhh: It's soo scary the things these people do these days....:) thanxx...
    Biro Chic: i just had to do what i could, it wasnt easy believe have too many issues and stuff though it's not obvious lol thanx for dropping by! :)


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