Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pardon??......You said??

I'm sure you missed me a bit, i apologize for my absence. Onto the issue of today...... it has been an on going error we all have or at a certain point we all have fallen short of one of these. So sometime ago, i decided that i wanted to speak good english, No i did not "shell" or whatever you choose to call it as the case may be. I spoke relatively good english and to some my english was 'over the top.' (no i am not tooting my horn) but i noticed i used words or phrases incorrectly or just generically. I decided i no longer wanted to communicate according to the Nigerian status quo as you would have it as in life i was going to come in contact with a lot of important persons from far and wide as well as different nations.....i therefore have a goal to speak properly.

So i am about to list a few words/phrases i am consciously working on correcting or basically words/phrases commonly "mistaken" or used incorrectly by a lot of people. Please feel free to add whatever i miss out or let me know if you concur as well so i correct myself and others in the long run. (I just decided to add some razz sayings by my beloved Nigerians just for fun. lol (enjoy)

*"I'm Coming" NO! you are not coming, you are actually going as you say this instead of 'give me a minute or i'll be back.'

*We still or many of us use "Maggi" for every seasoning cube the markets have to offer, Maggi is a brand name NOT a general word for seasoning cubes.

*Just as i previously mentioned above, the same goes for every toothpaste being generally called "Maclean," i personally am not a victim of this.

*"Go-Slow" as opposed to traffic/traffic jam. Some people go as far as "Hold-Up," doesn't that kinda mean "stick-up?" ...... i am just saying.

*Could you please be "upstanding?" meaning 'please, stand up!' Doesn't 'upstanding' refer to like a morally respectable or upright person? Tell me please!.

*"Reverse back,"........eeeeeeeeeermmmm....can you reverse forward?

*"Rewind it back"......... People how far now?

*"Next tomorrow", okay so i said that a lot as a young one and even till today i unconsciously say it but it's on my "to-do list" to get it off, yes i am trying my best..... People it is 'the day AFTER tomorrow'.

*"She was ON black shirt and blue jeans" You would even be lucky to hear Jeans as some people would prefer to say "JEAN TROSER"....like WHAT THE HECK?????

*"PULL your shoes!!"......NO, i want to PUSH IT! kmt.......

*"Sheltox" (Sp?) for any kind of insecticide i forgot to mention at the top.I guess its a Nigerian thing to generalize brand names for everything under the same category. The list goes on....OMO (detergent)

*"Dress" as opposed to 'move/scoot'.

*She "CHANCED/SHUNTED" instead of 'cut me'.

*I want to "EASE" myself, NAIJAAAAAAAAAAAA.

*Pronouncing the 'b' in "PlumBer".....ummmm, last time i checked it was silent.

*How about when people pronounce 'SUITE' as "SUIT". AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

*Pardon me....When people say "MESS" in an effort to say 'fart'. (I couldn't help it) lol.

*Have you just noticed how everywhere that is beyond the border of Nigeria is all of a sudden "Abroad". Hmmm, that word may be accurate but NO it is Not accurate to me.

~~~~~~~ENOUGH SAID~~~~~~~~

That is all i can re-call for now, drop anything you feel is meant to be here that i omitted, People PRAY please, We DO NOT need to be referred to as "animals" OR the likes in areas we are trying to make a living in. Please, have your reputation at heart anytime you open up your mouth to speak. Thank You, i await your comments.....

(have a wonderful week ahead and Thank You all, My 'Oga' is well. Your prayers were answered *Molar-to-Molar* smile.)

Monday, May 11, 2009

9.10pm...me, bored, restless and BLOGGING!

So tell me why it is still cold in SUMMER??? i thought winter was gone, i did not even feel spring sef, tell me why the stupid clouds wanna release unncessary 'blessings' on my little city....i can not recall asking for it. Does the pool know i want to get to show off my soon-to-be-purchased-as-soon-as-the-sun-promises-to-stay BIKINI!!!!!? isn't summer tired of seeing my winter clothes already? come.......are you not fed-up with me ranting? okay, i think i heard a couple audible 'yesses' lol i will stop. The fact is that i am honestly bored and facebook is killing some of my 'few' brain cells,(hahaha...God forbid my brain cells are too much sef my head is asking for more storage space) i don't want to be in school tonight just because....Okay my main reason for blogging is because my caramel has turned nurse overnight, reason is because her Oga is under the weather ehen, so she is on 24h duty, Reason why she has been missing on here.Oya, make una close your eyes and be in the attitude of prayer.

"In the Matchless name of Jesus,we pray for speedy recovery oh! God abeg slap him with health, may Strength smile at him tommorrow and stability knock him left, right and center. Devil, any malaria or fever plants you planted in his body, we begin to uproot and throw into the bottomless pit. Father i know you are restoring every missing or broken nerve and also replacing full health back right now. Thank you for we hav prayed and askd with thanksgiving. AMEN!!"

Oya open your eyes. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! so it is almost time for me to go back to school (yes, because of the unfailing love my mother has for me, she sent me to a christian University WITH curfew) lol. So i basically spend my day out of school till curfew. Am doing summer school so i have a preety flexible daily schedule,tell me why my laptop has decided to stop working now.It is going to the clinic ASAP tommorrow though! Did i forget to mention i HATE school? it is a very painful thorn in my flesh but slowly but surely it will soon be over. People ask if i was adopted because my siblings are TOTALLY different from me but i understand we all have our interest so i really cannot be bothered. okay blogville, i wish you a successful and hitch-free tomorrow and IF i dnt blog tomorrow, have a splendid week.

Still bloggatedly yours,


Friday, May 8, 2009

.....So i CAN'T help but "Thank!"

So yeah i have been AWOL on blogville, i apologise. Too much enjoyment is worrying me oo but na God do am...who am i to complain? on the reverse i am so so so so so....(did i say soooo?) grateful to him... count your blessings abi? i can't but i will begin and wherever i end...my heart continues lol.

* I thank God for feet, hands, a head, legs, stomach, hair, nails, well-functioning body organs.

* I thank God for the air i breathe, i don't live on life support or carry inhalers anywhere.

* I thank God for Caramel. They say friends are hard to find and that's just because she has been taken. :p

* I thank God for a loving family as mine, my family is unique in EVERY way, not your average family. I love them all to PIECES, needless to say i would not trade em.

* I thank God for sending me to a good University as ***, i don't deserve ANY bit of it.

* I thank God for helping my sister (a fellow blogger yall know) graduate suma cum laude. (1st class). Atleast i know my mum invested wisely in education. lol

* I thank God that inasmuch as i am a very unserious someborry in terms of school, 'C' no show for my finals. ....kai! Jesu you do me BETTER thing.

* I thank God for never wanting for anything without getting it. I sometimes take these things for granted because i am use to them but God sees my heart.

* I thank God for loving me and forgiving me even when i shouldn't be forgiven or loved. Even when am bitter to people, God overlooks it ALL...not SOME!

* I thank God i can wear heels and even catwalk sef in them sef, some people have spent all the days of their lives in wheelchairs. Even when i complain about walking too long, the koko be say i fit waka from point A to B.

* I thank God for fingers to type ooo...even as i don dey tire. long, sexy, errorless (is that a word?) bone structure. LOL.
<<<<<<< OLUWA, YESU, CHINEKE! Na Gode, Ose gan, Dalu>>>>>>>>

This was a long bum random post! Count your blessings name them one by one, and it will suprise you what the Lord has done.

Bloggatdly Yours,