Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blame it on the summer......

Hello my fellow bloggies, i have been AWOL for a longgggggg hot minute and no i did not forget you guys i've just had alot to do. I am really lazy i have confessed but hey it's summer and it is officially time to let my hair down and breathe. I do not want to care about anything or use my brain at all....cuz am chilling! So my summer has been chill basically, winning some, losing some but that's the way the ball bounces i guess so i have no objections to that. I am goin on a cruise with my family sometime in about 2 weeks *Big grinnnnnnnnnnn* I can't wait.

PS: Chocolate has been a vegetarian for a long time now (A vegetarian that does not eat vegetables for thta matter....Talk about confusion)and it is beginning to concern me. I have tried every trick possible for her to eat meat but Nothing works, no meat, chicken or according to her she "doesn't eat anything with a face".

So I have been alone for a while now as my boo is on summer vacation in Naija....**sooobbbbbbb. We speak everyday and i trust that he is being a good guy but he needs to come back, i officially miss him (even though i would not let him know how much) lol. I have not been shopping lately i can not believe it, I decided to de-clutter my stuff cuz i noticed when things are evrywhere I feel congested and it makes my life cluttered as i can't think or anything so yeah i am taking out stuff i have not used in about 2 years/things i forgot i had...It's going to be painful but i will let them go.

I am sooooooo ready to go back to naija in december. I've been suffering from U.K overload. I also learnt about love languages lately....hehe, Yes call me stale and what not am sure some of you are still in the dark, google Love Languages and see what yours is,(Find out why some relationships have been lacking, you probably were not communicating well)....I found out mine is Quality time and physical touch. Sorry i am having a real bad random post today.

So tell me why i got home one day after a long exhausting time out and was soo hungry, i walked into the kitchen of my flat (i have about 4 flatmates i know nothing about) there were plates and pots and cups all littered in the sink and i CAN'T stand dirt at all! Don't get me wrong ofcourse i could easily wash them but the fact that this is something i have been talking about, the funny part is the pot i was ready to use, i found it in the bin with food stains on it. I just went back out of the house to avoid unnecessary chaos.

In addition to my randomness, here are a few random facts:
~Butterlfies taste with their feet.

~Most elephants weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale.

~Rats are incapable of puking.

~The human eye blinks an average of 4,200,000 times a year.

~A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.

K enough of the random tales. Have a great week guys.

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  1. I enjoyed the randoms. Wow, butterflies taste with their feet? Very interesting.
    I too need to do a lil decluttering o. Maybe I'll start something tonight.
    Have no idea what my love language is. Off to google!

  2. LOL....i learnt about that aswell. Yes Yes Yes!!! De-clutter is the way to go. See so u learnt something! Google it...:)(caramel)

  3. lol! i love ur random posts :)
    a pregnant goldfish is called a twit?? thats funny o.. and i did just did the love language test.. it is rather accurate..


  4. LOL i know, the pregnant fish actually got me laffing!

  5. The true question is "Why would i want to see a rat puke?? Better yet why would I want to watch a rat in th first place?!" Lol..

    What do you reckon you look forward to the most in going back to Naija?

  6. U wud want to see a rat puke cuz........watever, enjoy the randomness!!!

  7. cul blog> check out mine as well>

  8. ive been coming here everyday nd just wen i had given up u post something?ughh

  9. hehehe!!! sorry!we've just been a bit busy/lazy!

  10. Ohhh enjoy your cruise! I miss my boo too :(. Interesting facts those are..

  11. Lmao at this post
    I love the random cool
    wow, butterflies taste from their legs yUCK
    i think i sld go Google me some love language


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