Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Confession of a teenage ShoPahoLic!!!

ok ok ok....i am FINALLY admitting to this: I AM A MAD ASS SHOPAHOLIC!!!
There! i said it!!!! ok no,no for real its bad, and it gets worse everyday!

I am obsessed with spending money and shopping. I don't know how to stop. I have been this way for a long tym nowwww. Every credit card I have is maxed out, and yesterday i spent **** (u dont wanna know!). Btw i only went in 2 the shop with the intention to buy a scarf and i ended up lavishing my 'ego!' Going to the mall or even to super markets o, imagine! it's very hard for me, not when I get there but because I think of going all the time. My friends practically drag me out of shops, it's quite embarassing though but they can't stand it too. My cousin tries to keep track of how i spend, she calls me everyday to ask what i bought, and DUH i LIE!!
When I am at school, I think of going to buy things. When I am at home, I think of things i need(basically things i want :)....) and things i know i dont need and I must go and get them.

I don't know how to stop, and I don't know why I am like this. I have 147 pairs of pants. That is only a tiny amount compared to the number of tops i have bought recently :-S...not like i even need them all...i have so many in my wardrobe i can't even remember ever buying! kmt.. so many shoes i cnt even wear and i dont even remember why i bought them in the 1st place!i've tried hiding my card but it dnt work (stupid i no)lol...bt what the hell can i do anyway??, its in me!!! Wen i know all i have to do is swipe my card..hehehe.. ok on the real, i NEED to stop! Please, if you have any advice for me, or anyone does, I really need help. I have never heard of anything like this, but I know my wanting to shop like this can't be normal.

I hide things I buy but it has gotten to the point that I can't anymore. I have also lied about where the items I buy come from or how much they were to my boyfriend and my bestfriend (im sowi chocol8! i cudnt afford to tell you the truth!). Can you imagine my boyfriend says he is gonna collect my card and give me money weekly (yh ryte lyk dats possible, he even spends more than i do). My boyfriend searched my room yesterday and i got caught..hehehe, it was funny!... Mehn nufin seems to be working for me ryte now o...

Blogattedly posted by: Caramel..
P.S: id rili do with suggestions and advice pls!


  1. lmao ....CARAMEL...i think d only thing i can do for u is pray ...if ur boyfrend is searching for you card na evil spirit wey dey inside u be dat..i'll ask my people if dey fit do nyte vigil wateva it is will come out by force ....lmao

  2. hmmmmm help me tell her o!!! it's really a bad problem she has an i don pray tire, interceeded, used corresponding action sef to help but nothing nothing! (this is Chocolate)...btw 'I' ur profile doesnt let us get it! check ur settings or whatever!

  3. Meen, I have no idea what to say...you ought to attend shopaholic anonymous classes. lol

  4. LOL @ badderchic! please i will suggest u add her to ur prayer list aswell each morning! lol....(this is chocolate)

  5. Sweetheart,

    I can't help you, seeing as we both belong in the same shoes.

    We had better begin attending Shopaholic anonymous classes, before we end up getting married and spending money for huggies on Jimmy Choos!

  6. LMAO!!!!! hahaha .....okay i really shud not be laughing but that was funny!. Honestly that would be gud, suprisingly my gal was telln me d same thing!!! aaaaaaaaaaargh!! HELP!!! thanx for stopping by!(Caramel)

  7. we can start by casting and binding
    all shopaholic spirits in u caramel lol
    babe this was me 6 months ago
    shopping like i was gonna die if i stopped
    but babe *ur worse than me :)*

    the only way to stop is to decide to stop
    which is the hardest part of the deal...

  8. that is sooo true sweetnes....but i have made up my mind alot of times onli to find myself doing the same things!!.....God will help me mehn!

  9. Look through your wardrobe.. and pick out all the clothes you haven't worn in the last six months..
    and put them on eBay..
    Use the money you get to un-max your credit card..
    It's about taking control of your wallet and not being controlled by your wallet..
    I guess..

  10. This made total sense!!!! :) it's on my to-do list! hopefully it will work this tyme..(caramel)

  11. WOW, That's just crazy mehn!
    A hundred and something pants
    Even when you said the scarf story, I thought you meant the movie, cause it revolved around a scarf
    When shopping just remember their kids out there who you could help with the money you want to spend on something you already have and becareful because such a thing can affect your friendships and even your relationships .
    Hope it has reduced now tho!

    Hope I helped!


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