Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to keep your friendship alive.

We totally forgot about this blog till we were reminded lately. Gosh, the last post was almost a year ago! chei! we apologize. How have you all been doing? hope life has not been wicked to any one o! fire burn them. Anyways without much further babbles. Caramel and I are going to each write one way to keep your friendship happy and alive, no matter what. Sit back and learn some helpful tips. :)

1) STAY IN TOUCH: yes we all know life can get pretty overwhelming and demanding to the point were you 'forget' about people almost. If you just send a message or a 1-minute phone call a day, life would be happy. It is good to stay involved in your friends life no matter what. You should know every little detail. :) -Caramel.

2) IGNORE PETTY STUFF: we tend to have this ego that no matter what someone does to us, be it little or big, we want to put up this front. It is totally unnecessary. Ignore little things and fix them the times you can. common! it's not even that deep if you look a bit deeper into the situation. -Chocolate.

3) HAVE MY BACK ALWAYS: never let me down please, I hate disappointments with my whole heart. If i'm down, I should trust you to raise me up. If i want to cry, extend your shoulder to me. If i need advice or encouragement, don't be frugal with words. Let me know that I am not that I am not walking this earth alone. -Caramel.

4) CORRECT ME: I am not perfect, sometimes I do stupid things. Other times I say the wrong things. Most times I look tacky and I may even piss you off. Please correct me but do it with love. Never be silent when you see wrong being done. Voice your opinion when necessary. No~ do not mum the person, just push in a little word. With Love and mutual understanding. -Chocolate.

We cannot think of any more....if you know any other ways, pls comments are welcome. With Love. :)

Chocolate and Caramel have dropped some love. Hope we do this often. :)

have a good week ahead and boost that energizer in your friendships. call up old friends and see how they are doing. Sometimes a call goes a long way. Do your part.

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