Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 little details about me, myself and I.

without much further ado(i believe that is how it is said) let me begin, but kai 10 things is too little for me to write on about my wonderfully and fearfully made self but i will manage. so here goes:
1. my name is chocolate (it came from my perfectly toned skin colour), in actual reality i do not have a tribal name at all but i sometimes wish for one, who knows before you know i would hae named myself officialy.

2. I have really strong pet-peeves like i HATE(with a capital "H") to see twisted bra straps...i jus feel like helping you untwist it. Also, i do not not like to see a pair of shoes in different directions or turned up-side down when they look preetier right-side-up.i do not know if it is untidiness or just ignorance.

3. I LOVEEEEEEE my friends and family with the last breath in me even though i am not an emotionally-expressive person as i have been told alot, i just hope they know what they mean to me and i am working on expressing myself. Actions speak louder abi?? me i dont know where i was when God was sharing that one oo...<<<<>>>>>>

4. I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to see so many words like in books, believe me they give me headaches i kid you not!. Probably the reason why i do not go to my school library ...hehheheheh... i just read all i have to for school and submit the remaining to my God!. i do not read books, magazines, TEXBOOKS or the likes but when it is time for exams i always make my way to the top.(NO. i do not cheat!):-)

5. For the longest time now, i have wanted to model but for very annoying reasons i get blocked by alot of obstacles. I know it is the devil, he is a liar and a 4-1-9ner!lol i am chasing my dreams because it has been screaming for a while now! i wanted to be a fashion design major but i have found myself in the psychology world!. i still will do it by His grace!

6. i LOVEEEEEEEEE earrings and bags and basically accessories, they just make a girl shine jooooooo(i do not mean fake goods abeg).. but my best of all is PERFUMEEEE! mehn the person that came up with that idea made enough sense...perfume perfume perfumeee.....that is why i get seriouly offended when someone has body odour! it has a personal effect on me. such people should be thrown down a cliff for all i care.

7. did i mention i am NARCISISSTIC??(I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee myself to pieces because i know my worth oo! asn no one can use me as doormat...i do not roll like that thank You. i do not need to blow my horn...(maybe i do sometimes to feel that chill we need momentiarily) teeehhheeeeee.....

8. i LOVE jesus!(It was not intentional for me to put Him as number 8) he comes first!

9. I loveee and miss my caramel...she means the whole world and a bag of chips to me. (Yes am always talking about her go and find you own) iv got her back and i am 199% sure she has mine aswell, we never disappoint each other. Pure....Agape....non-erotic....friendship! i cant wait to see her....she gives me sooooo much joy jare!

10. i am a PHENOMENAL woman......i am not your average girl you see around...i have learnt and also perfected the art in loving myself because i am a queen and i have to love me for anyone else to!..

OK so this was a bit difficult but i pulled through!!....have a great day people.
~~~~~~~You Never Know how Strong You Are Until Being Strong Is The Only Option You have!~~~~~~~
No one should try and spoil your day oo....God pass all of dem!....oya smile! good children lol....

Bloggatedly Your own....


Monday, April 13, 2009

Sleepless Nyt........Caramel...

It is 3:44am now, i have changed my positions on d bed ova a thousand tyms nw! (without exageration). I cant sleepppp!!! what is rung with me, THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATIN!Strange things kip cumin in to my head, All kinds of things! I close my eyes for a second and all of a sudden i am kissing my teeth! AAAARGH! This has been hapening 4 days nw bt dis is da worse, todays own is veeery depressin honestly!
I wish i cud cal som1 up ryt nw to kip me company! (to think i have a boyfriend, HISS)!..............I evn tot id begin 2 fall asleep as im rytin bt atall! Well atlst, d gud thing is im tokin 2 u..OK>>>>> lemme c, wats on my mnd dis second?? OH YEAH! EVERYTHINGG all at ones! i am even rili struglin 2 pik one 2 tel u bou..mtcheeew!
Ok lets try nd tnk of sme possible causes of this...ummmmmmmm.....
**FEAR?? **DEPRESSION?? **ANXIETY?? **MY BF? **CONTEMPLATIONS?? **Could it be da drugs im on??**Cus i slpt in da aftrnun?? **GOD??
WHAT ON EARTH IS DA PROBLEM!?.....................Im seriosly thinkin o, asin its jus so smhw!, nt its lmst 4am, IMAGINE..Right now piple r peacefully aslip (includin my bf) LUCKY EM! I evn scard 2 pray, duno wer 2 stat 4rm!.........OH! i jus got a txt, im gesin its CHOCOLATE............................................YUP its her! i dnt get da msg tho, jus replied.......................Yh i no ur sugestin i tel ha i cnt slip, well i no ha ansa 'eya wts rung, My frnd go nd slip jo!' lol...she cud b dat crazy trust me, well i no cuz she tod me dat yesterday too.

OK! seriosly i need help! myb i nid 2 c a phycologist, mayb deyl b able to tel me wts rung? Its nt lyk iv met one b4...hmm its 4 am my brain stil de HYPER!
Im glad im able to pour my brain activnesness on!lol.............U no i cud b studyn 4 my exam since im awake bt lyk i sed, my brain seems to be in sum energetic mood ryt nw so id jus b starin at da book.....i dnt wnt 2 get fat if nt i wud av kept my mouth bizy wit sme cookies, or to show hw bad dis is i wud av warmd up a pizzza in d kitchen..hehehe! bt NAH! il jus blow up!
...............>>>>>OOOOH i jus tot of smtn! probably da silence in da room is addin 2 dis??? ok mayb i sud slot in a movie, il probably slip off yl wtchin it....it wrks most tyms! :) ok BRB!
Yay! i jus did, i washd my face aswell...i hpe dis works..ok u no wt, il keep u ryt nxt to k! nd il letchu no if it wrks 2mrw nd if it doznt, xpct me bak!
Tnx 4 lstnin 2me, uv been such a darline....ttyl. MUAH! xxx
>Btw its 4:30am nw<

Friday, April 10, 2009

CARAMEL is in da building!

Hey! Hey! Hey!!! Hi its me CARAMEL, da oda half of my darlin ~SHOCOLAT~!lol.. Pls pls pardon chocolates gramatical errors in da last post, bt hey! no one is perferct ryt!lol.....anyway i LOVE her so much, i dnt have a choice, i av 2 get used to her ways.. 4 nw, we ain 2gda in person all tnks to scul!(mtcheeeew!), bt den OFCUS wer 2gda in our hearts. i lyk 2 cal wer she is 'chocoville' nd wer i am 'fabville'!
OK! Chocolate has partially sed it all, nd lyk i sed earlia im da oda half so its my duty to more lyk complete wat she hasnt completed.. CHOCOLATE et CARAMEL, some call us sisters, some call us friends, some call us bestfriends, haters call us lesbos(WU'EVA!), oda haters prefer 2 sit bak nd analyz us nd stil avnt come up wit more negative names, but trust! we'l update u with d latest hottest names k :-)...Anyway, we jus lyk to call ourselves BLOOD! U no lyk dey say 'blood is thicker than water' I ges dats d strngest but weak word dat cud describe us 2.
I am pretty sure most ov u readin dis av ur BFFL'z, ud rili enjoy dis blog cuz wer goin 2 b hooking u up with sme of da tips dat keep US bonded 4EVA! Nah nah nah dnt let ur eyes bolge ryt outa da sockets! dnt worry derz MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE to come. This blog is more lyk our diary, its gon' b filled evrything we tell ich oda, our history, our fillins, so many interesting stuff hapening around us & evrything els...(ofcurse our secrets too .
.......................................................BRB! I lyk to keep pipl anticipating...hehehe..XX

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our very first!!!* exchanging scared glances*

ok so here we are, complete strangers in a new land we are yet to discover. Life is a risk abi???so WHARAHELL? this post will obviously not be constructed professionally and all that (free jus jo! the first time you come this place you messed up aswell) "Chocolate & Caramel" are two ladies that woke up one bright morning and decided to 'belong to blogville.' I hate to call us bestfriends because it just does not qualify us but you get my drift sha. If i tell you i know what is going to be on here, i give you official and certified authority to call me a liar. So keep your fingers and legs crossed in anticipation because ALOT is yet to unfold. We got inspired by fellow bloggers i must confess (rather I got inspired as Caramel is not really a 'reader' , i do not read as much but blogs can make me read, so I pulled her along with me, if my uni books were in 'bloggated' form (yes i make my words up) i would be a geek by now. okay so back to Chocolate and Caramel, we have grown together into beautifu women that have just basically stuck together THROUGH IT ALL, when I misbehave, she spanks me and when she misbehaves, i whoop her.....I kid! but i have never had any one close to me like she is as i am introverted.....maybe not anymore but time will tell. Abeg, i have to go now, my stomach has giving me warning to fill it up as it is running on 'e'.

cash ya rall layrassss!........
bloggatedly yours,

ps:Caramel will drop a few lines tommorow. xx